JusticeBot is

Law Simplified!

JusticeBot is an online platform developed by Justice Chatbot Limited that helps the public access justice in an inexpensive and timely manner by providing free legal information and connecting those in need of legal services to legal service providers.

We noticed that access to legal information has a prohibitive cost and is difficult.

Our Mission
Provide legal information for free in a simplified manner and Connect people in need of legal service with legal service providers using innovative ways.
Our Vision
Simplify legal information and procedures and provide free accessibility to the public within their comfort zones.


The knowledge of the law and legal procedures are the first steps to get a legal issue solved in an inexpensive and timely manner. We believe that people can make better decisions regarding their lives and the well-being of others if armed with the right knowledge.

People perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

Accurate Information motivates…(Mary Ann Allison)

Our Objectives

Educate the community about their legal rights.
Ensure one understands and gets enough knowledge to solve her/his legal issues in an inexpensive and timely manner
Ensure that the public access legal service providers of their choice within their locale.
Reduce of backlog for court,
Expedite court hearing and avoid unnecessary adjournment for court users,
Ensure that hearing of cases goes on in the presence of both parties,presented or non represented court users.

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