JusticeBot prevents the violation of rights and the resultant unnecessary cost and stress in the process of accessing justice.

Immigration Procedures

Our Immigration Lawyers provides a complete range of highly specialized immigration services for clients, including bringing foreign nationals from around the world to work in Uganda.

Land Procedures

Our Commercial Real Estate Team combines dedication and innovation with a formidable knowledge base to offer sound and responsive legal services and solutions to all commercial real estate matters and issues.

Our legal team  has excellent knowledge and expertise in real property conveyancing including but not limited to doing due diligence before land purchases, drafting of sale agreements,transfer of legal title  and negotiations.

Tax Procedures

Our Tax Litigation Team represents individuals and businesses across a broad range of industry sectors in a variety of complex tax litigation matters. Our tax litigators cover all stages of the tax litigation process

We have an experienced and a business savvy team of tax counsellors who will advise you on all your individual and company tax matters. These work hand in hand with the litigation team to ensure that you and your business are in good standing with the tax authorities. negotiations.

Civil Procedures

Our civil litigation lawyers are respected for the professional, tenacious, and assertive approach taken with files and are experienced in a wide variety of litigation matters and skilled in the resolution of complex problems.

Civil litigation

A well experienced and dedicated team of civil litigation lawyers is available at your service. The team ensures speedy processes in attaining you justice in all your civil matters including and not limited to land disputes, contract breaches,divorce petitions,child custody and adoption, debts et al.

Business Procedures

Our Commercial Transactions Team is widely recognized for its skill and experience in handling complex mergers, acquisitions and divestiture transactions. Our Lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of business law.

Business is at the core of our existence. Being the blood that runs in our veins, our team comprises of well trained and skilled lawyers and information technology expertise to handle all commercial transactions and related matters from registration of your business and building information technology systems depending at all complexity levels.

Criminal Procedures

If you are arrested for a crime, you will be suddenly thrown into the complex criminal justice system. You will face interrogations and an in-depth investigation. Law enforcement authorities may claim to be on your side;

A ready and tenacious team of defence lawyers is available to your service to ensure that all your rights are well represented and protected in all criminal proceedings against you and before all law enforcement bodies.

Family Procedures

Family law matters involving the end of a marriage, disputes over custody or child support, or allegations of abuse and neglect are deeply emotional.

Family is the strength of the nation. We have a family oriented team of lawyers and counsellors to handle all family related matters well intended to preserve the family and in case the family has to come to and end, a team that will prepare you for the life after in a friendly and professional manner.

Administration of estates.

We are faced with so many cases of intermeddling with deceased persons estate. Our team will not hesitate to professionally protect your beneficial interest in an estate, getting letters of administration and probate, revocation of grants, drafting wills among others.